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Sport is the biggest thing that keeps the people in Haiti united. They love their sports activities and are die hard fans of soccer and martial arts. Great exploit have been made in both disciplines. Haiti shocked the world when the senior team, for the first time in Gold Cup (2019) history, qualified for the semi final of this prestigious tournament to only lose to Mexico (1-0).

On the women side, the young ladies of the U-20 team brought in joy in the heart of a whole nation when they qualified for the first time for a world cup (France 2019). And still on the men’s side, the U-17 youth soccer found their qualifications and will be playing the world cup U-17 in Brazil.

u 20 female haiti soccer

Haiti Male U 17 soccer


In martial arts, Haiti had won several titles, including world title in Slovenia 2015, kyokushin karate, gold medal won by Darline Jean Mary.

darline jean mary haiti karate

In 2017, in Italy, Haiti won several medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze), with the youngest athlete winning a gold at 12 years old. However, despite all these exploits, young children, youth, adults alike are facing hardships due to political and social instability, income inequality and weakness of government. Most karate athletes train every day in harsh conditions, no mats, protective gear, no food sometimes, train on hard concrete floors, just to name a few of these conditions.

In spite of all these, they are making the nation proud, even when they do not receive quality care in help. For those reasons and more, Hand International is poised to stand behind these athletes to provide the necessary equipment and support to them. But we need your help to do so. Would you donate your best to help those wonderful people? Giving to us will allow us to furnish these martial clubs with all the right equipment, uniforms, protective gear and much more. Please, they need you. Give your BEST!

darline jean mary haiti karate