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Hand International Inc's Mission

The mission of the HAND International organization is that we are committed to the sustainable development of children and adolescents in difficulties.

Hand International Inc's Vision

Our vision is to “Train to be useful and therefore useful to serve.”

HAND (Human Assistance for Necessary Development) International is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization set up to provide sustainable assistance to less fortunate children from impoverished countries by empowering them to be useful and therefore, useful to their country.

The organization forms partnerships with local public schools, orphanages and the juvenile court systems in country such as Haiti where we are currently working. One of HAND International goals is to: Foster a commitment to young people that promotes pro-social friendships pro-social behavior, strong interpersonal skills in order to reassert a sense of hope in the future.


The philosophy emitted by our initiative is at the same time: divine, humane, philanthropic and a social theory; which means that first of all, man must work together interdependently as iron sharpening iron because we are condemned to live together and we are called to love one another. Secondly, the child has to be seen as a plan for tomorrow, an asset for the future and an assurance for human and social posterity. Lastly, the nation of Haiti must rely on its authentic sons and daughters, prepared as a result of an endogenous and sustainable progress; hence the trilogy: “Man + Competences= Progress.”