About us

humanitarian organizationHand (Human Assistance for Necessary Development) International Inc. stands as a beacon of hope and progress, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing sustainable assistance to children and families in difficulties. At the heart of our mission lies the firm belief that by empowering these young minds, we are not just enriching individual lives but also nurturing the future of their nations.

Our unwavering commitment finds its focal point in Haiti, a nation in need. There, we forge meaningful alliances with local public schools, orphanages, and juvenile court systems, breathing life into our vision of a better world. Through the transformative power of education, we equip these children with essential skills, infuse them with the values of compassion and integrity, and instill in them a profound sense of hope.

We are more than a humanitarian organization or providers of humanitarian aid; we are architects of opportunity. By imparting knowledge, teaching vital skills, and fostering pro-social behavior, we are crafting a generation of resilient, compassionate, and resourceful individuals. Our efforts extend beyond momentary happiness; we are sculpting futures, enabling these children not just to survive but to thrive as they journey from childhood to responsible adulthood.

Join us in our noble pursuit as we shape the destiny of these young souls, ensuring they emerge as leaders, both in their communities and on the global stage. Together, we are building a legacy of empowerment, one child at a time.