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What Your Sponsorship Means?

“Our true acquisitions lie only in our charities, we get only as we give.” — William Simms

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Supporting those who cannot do for themselves is the cornerstone of HAND (Human Assistance for Necessary Development) International. Your sponsorship means at least one child will have the chance to go to school, get basic health care, protection and a brighter future. Without many people like you, these necessities would have been impossible to accomplish in the lives of these precious children.

How it Works?

Thanks to your minimum yearly contribution of $100 (that's less than $9/month), you participate in supporting a cause of community development which provides to the child better access to acceptable education, healthcare, nutrition and protection.

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If you wish to pledge more, you can always do so by visiting our other donation pages or simply drop us an email at: info@handinternationalinc.org. That way we will be able to help more children in need.

Your Sponsorship can help:

  • Supporting a child and protecting his/her rights
  • Ending modern day child slavery
  • Make it possible for a child to go to school
  • Make it possible for a child to learn something new or a an adolescent to learn a trade
  • Following his/her progress by receiving an annual of his/her performance in school and the status and general advancement of the program.
  • Having the ability to visit the child, his/her family and community and become aware of the real impact of the program and the related satisfaction to be part of it.
  • and so much more…


child sponsorship