Become A Volunteer


By volunteering with Hand International Inc, you are helping us to provide, protect and reach out to the children and families in need.  Therefore you will be part of something meaningful that will allow you to channel your compassion.

There are many ways to help; and by joining, you will be part of something meaningful and life-changing.

Volunteering Experience

  • Visit Orphanages
  • Fund Raising
  • Set up Gala and Events
  • Disaster Relief

Other Experiences

  • Sports Activities
  • Travel
  • Mobil Clinics
  • And much more!

Areas of Interest

Which areas are you interested in supporting with Hand International?
  • Legal Internship (currently in law school)
  • Volunteer Attorney (currently practicing)
  • Grant writing and Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Programs and Outreach

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